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Incredibly Realistic Bouquets Of Sugar Flowers That You Will Fall In Love With

These flowers look beautiful and as aesthetic they can get. You might not believe if you were told that these are very skillfully created sugar flowers! Yes, every single picture in this article has sugar flowers in them.

This is a very amazing product by pastry chef Alexandria Murray. She is very famous for making wedding cakes and you must have already guessed why so much people wants their cakes to be made by her. A Murray explained to My Modern Met, she has stumbled across sugar flowers with interest at the age of 19. After doing a bit of research and self learning, she have started to pursue the dream of making creative sugar flowers and structure.

It is always very exciting for this talented Pastry chef since there is always so much elements to be added into flowers to make then look realistic and life-like. That is why her sugar flowers stand out from the rest. 

Finespun Cakes is the name of Murray’s cake business and it has earned a very high reputation with really good feedback from her customers. She uses many elements to make sure her sugar flowers looks exactly like real flowers, she also uses edible pigment to create a proper textured surface.

Just because she pays very close attention to all these minor details. The business has become successful and famous. She has a lot of Instagram followers following her to witness her beautiful creations each time she uploads. Murray also conducts online classes on making sugar flowers as well.

We have brought you a set of Murray’s sugar flowers listed below for you. Also, do not forget to share your thoughts with us as you scroll through the list.

More info & Photo courtesy: Finespun Cakes | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


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