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Striking Portrait Photos At The Indian Photo Festival – 2021

Photography has the unique ability to capture moments, emotions, memories, and exact points of time to treasure it in photographs forever. This being the art, a photographer has the ability to navigate through different perspectives using their creativity and technical application.

The talent, elegance, and power of photography are matched and exhibited by photography competitions held worldwide. This article brings you one such competition that presents you with the gaze of Indian photographers. Indian Portrait Festival calls all photographers and enthusiasts from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Myanmar who are on the Indian sub-continent.

From its name, you must have already known that this competition calls for portrait photos. This type of photos have the ability to present the subject of the photo with great detail. Aquin Mathews. the artistic director of this festival expressed his content to see a lot of new approaches in capturing portrait photos in this category by the competitors. This expansion within a photography niche shows how this art form develops every single year, creating something new and exciting all the time.

As it was held for the competitors in the Indian sub-continent, almost every photo is shot in the region. This also gives exposure to the lifestyles and emotions expressed by people of this specific region in the world. This emotional connection of conveying every minute detail of the story in the photo is done successfully with no regard to the barriers of language, nationality, religion, or culture.

We listed down the winner and the finalists of the Indian Portrait Festival of 2021 below. Scroll down to have a look at how these photographers have made their approach to capturing their portrait photos. You can share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments sections below as well.

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#1 Winner: “Catrin” By Sujata Setia.

""I’ve never been photographed like this before… with all of my scars, I mean." Catrin said to me.

It left us both thinking of what is the limit on scars? How much can we see? Are we all becoming a part of the world where scars need to look “pretty” too? Just enough, so we can use them to remind ourselves that our lives are better? But not too much… so we can bear looking at them?

Catrin was returning from a ski trip in the French Alps when the coach’s brakes failed and the crash happened.

96% of her body suffered third-degree burns leaving her with a 1 in a 1000 chance for survival. Following three months in a coma, 200 surgical procedures and 4 years of rehab, Catrin defied destiny.

To the prying eyes that meet her every time she steps out of the house, she looks back at them with tenderness and empathy.

"If my scars make you feel better about yours then I am happy for you. I understand you. And that’s what I expect from you as well. Empathy, not sympathy. My scars make me special… unique… differently beautiful. They are life’s brush strokes… and I am in love with this painting."

Scar… not Scary!"


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