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Instagram Influencer Shows Up Confident With Her Body While Eating Heartily

Fashion has become a big concern in modern society. Everyone is very concerned about wearing the right thing the right way. A lot of people have a problem living their lives as they like while being fashionable and presentable. 

This issue was addressed by a young Instagram influencer Clara Guillem who is from Tennessee. She recently published some TikTok videos of her herself in comparison to how she looked before and after eating a hearty meal as she wanted to. A lot of people have the issue of looking bloated after a full meal, they end up having something they do not enjoy or they eat only about a half of their original appetite. 

With this being a popular issue among the people, Guillem made a very striking statement by showing up with a bloated belly and still looking confident as ever. She did these videos with quite a lot of outfits to give a wider perspective of outfits that are worn by people in society. A lot of people create fake persona on social media. They usually show out to the world that they have an unchangeable flat belly that doesn’t change in any situation. This is the norm that Guillem wanted to break.

We think that she successfully did that since her TikToks were views thousands of times and counting. They were shared for her Instagram followers and were shared by fans as well. With time, a lot of people embraced the idea of this set of videos. This is a very funny, quirky but practical presentation of real-life scenarios. Guillem has proved to be a ‘real’ influencer to influence the lives of people with positivity to make their lives better.

We listed down some snapshots of her videos below for you. You can scroll down to check them out. Please drop your thoughts or any of your stories down in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Instagram | TikTok


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