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Interesting Coincidences In Public Captured The Eye Of This Lucky Photographer

Photography is not always done with models or in a studio. Photography is best shot with the photographer alone with his camera. The rawest and most classic form of photography is capturing unplanned events or sights in a very artistic way. This article is about a photographer who has presented a rather interesting set of photos.

Meet Edas Wong who is a Chinese photographer. This talented photographer was inspired to become the successful photographer that he is today. Without swaying in the direction where he will need a studio or models, he decided to hit the streets just by himself and his camera. He likes to observe society as any true artist would do. An in that process, if he finds something interesting or artistic, he makes sure to capture them in his camera before it goes away forever.

Street photography is unplanned and spontaneous, you should dive into an artistic perspective of what you see to notice anything artistic in society. Even though you are required to get lost in your own thoughts, you should be technically conscious because, whatever the spontaneous event it is, you should need the proper camera settings to capture it the very second.

This Hong-Kong-based photographer has mastered the art of both. He always hit the streets being ready to capture anything that he decides is worthy to document. Out of all the events and random moments in society, Wong has also uploaded a collection of funny coincidences that he managed to capture in an interesting, yet hilarious way. It might be the perfect alignments of a man with a tree in the distance that will make you see it as if that man is wearing an afro hair in a certain perspective or something similar. 

Wong likes to express his gaze and perspective through his photos. We have collected a set of hilarious photographs that this talented photographer has captured. You can check out the list below. Upvote your favorite photo to the top while you are at it and also, share your thoughts with us in the comments sections.

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