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Intricate Drawings That Express Sensitive Details Of The Human Anatomy

Human body is one of the most complex things there is in existence. People have been trying to understand how the human body can contain a very large amount of operations going on at the same time in a very contracted space. It actually is mind blowing. If you are an artist or an art enthusiast, you might know that the human anatomy is the hardest to draw or mimic in art.

This artist from Seoul, Korea; Wanjin GIM has been drawing some really complex human drawings. These are not basic human figures, they are highlighted parts of the human anatomy, mainly hands and feet. He has been able to use the most basic type of drawing with the most basic set of colors to deliver a very expressive drawing. The emotions, the movements and even the heat is seen through the talent of this artist.

He used colored paper to draw these figures that will give them more of a realistic feel when these saturated drawings are drawn on it. Many artists and art enthusiasts visit his social media accounts and his website to view, study and buy his art work. The work of GIM has been very popular among art lovers all around the world.

You can see that even though this is a very basic colored drawing, it contains a lot of detail. These details speak to our minds that will create the illustration in our minds and the talent of this artist delivers us the properties of emotion, temperature and movement in each one of them.

Since there is a lot of discussion and appreciation about the work of GIM, we have decided to collect and list down some mind blowing drawings of him for you. Please scroll down to view them and do not forget to comment down your thoughts about these drawings as well. You can visit his social media accounts and website for more details.

More info & Photo courtesy: Wanjin GIM | Instagram


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