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Jeans That Will Give Your Eyes An Optical Illusion

Fashion is a very versatile and very competitive social element. People now more than ever are very fashion concerned in the society. Every day new trend or a new style is introduced. Most people would think that even though there are a lot of creative and innovative fashion trends and clothing made, they have only worn on-ramps.

That might be true to some extent. But this line of jeans is not only limited to photoshoots and ramps. They are super stylish, creative, functional, and very different from what you have been wearing all along. These are a set of denim jeans that are made by a South Korean brand named  LEJE which offers you something that no pair of jeans have ever offered you before.

These jeans will give you an optical illusion! Yes, you heard it right, this will give the illusion that the jeans are sliced into pieces and they are now floating around. This is a very creative and carefully crafted piece of art that you can wear. Even though they are placed a bit apart from each other, the designers have made sure that they are still sewn together to form one pair of jeans which is as functional as every other pair of jeans in the market.

You can show up to places and give the people an optical illusion of a glitch effect on your legs. It is amazing how these can give out a very bold effect while being able to use as any other jeans. You are sure that anyone who sees you wearing this will at least look at it twice with a surprised face that you will not forget.

These jeans have been grabbing the attention of a lot of people all around the globe on social media. So we decided to collect a set of photos for you to check out. Scroll down to check them out and follow the links to see more of them. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below!

More info & Photo courtesy: LEJE | Instagram


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