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Notebooks, Journals, And Pencils Made With Love And Magic

Most people are now moving from physical reading and trying to digital. We do not find people on the subway or the bus reading books much. Even if people are readers, most of the modern day readers use their digital devices to read. They can stack any amount of digital books and they can take notes as well.

But the old-school writing and reading is unique experience that people still know. So, this article is about such a collection of awesome stationeries that are made with love and a bit of sparkling magic to all the wizardly readers and writers out there. Every one of us loves the mysterious books and weirdly shaped writing objects in movies where there are witches and wizards.

A hard-covered book, maybe with a scally skin, do not worry, this artist got you covered. Les Nadises creates amazing Books, Journals, and also cool pencils for you. This French artist has a shop opened up on Etsy for people to purchase these cool things. Currently living in Montreal, she started creating these amazing things as she quit the cartoon industry that she worked for. This is a fresh start for this artist and it also is a gift for all the books lovers to tap into their classic reading and writing practices using real and physical books!

Please do visit her Etsy account and hopefully make a purchase. In the meantime, you can scroll down to check out the pictures that we share below this article. Let us know what you think about this cool set of creations in the comments sections below. You can also rank your pick to the top of the list.

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Written by Alex Bradley

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