Lay Your Eyes On The Incredible Landscape of Iceland

Photographers go to unbelievable lengths to get the most amazing photographs. It is the love of the art and the destinations that drive them to travel across the world to capture the subject on their lens.

Meet this awesome photographer Sebastian Müller who has captured some amazing shots of one of the most incredible places on the Planet. He traveled and spent 10 days in Iceland to photographs and document the one-of-a-kind landscape of this country. He has driven across the country for more than three thousand miles to capture his photographs. As everybody knows, Iceland has some of the most colorful and weird color mixes in its landscape due to the geothermal activity of the country.

Using a drone, this photographer has managed to get ariel shots that show us the amazing layout of the land, spilled with color and different textures all over the area. These highlands of Iceland has a lot of Volcanic ash and a big amount of lava which makes most parts of the highlands unhabitable.

This vibrant stretch of land creates such an aesthetic view. The government lets people visit these areas in roughly a month’s time. This is because the geothermal activity can get out of hand if you visit the areas in other seasons. The government takes precautions to keep the lands safe from being destroyed with unplanned tourism and also for the safety of the tourists themselves.

Müller‘s pictures and videos went viral as he uploaded them on his social media accounts. People all over the world dropped in to check out his content which was so satisfying to watch. We have collected some of these photos and footage for you below, You can scroll down and leave your thoughts in the comments sections below. You can also upvote your favorite photo to the top.

More info & Photo courtesy: Sebastian Müller


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