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LEGO Introduces Plants You Can Build That Will Never Die

Lego is one of the main landmarks of any child. Creating anything that your mind can imagine to build your own little world, Legos are universal toys for any child. Stepping a bit further, the LEGO Company has released a new set of Legos that are mainly for adults to use.

You get to design your own Flower Bouquet using the latest kit of Legos. If you are willing to get more of a ‘hands-on’ experience, Lego has also introduced a LEGO Bonsai Tree kit. These two new kits of Legos are meant for adults who seek to exert their creativity with concentration. Generally Legos come in plain shapes of blocks, but these two kits include Legos that can be built to result in Botanical shapes.

Ranging around 756 pieces in the Flower Bouquet kit and 878 pieces in the Bonsai Tree kit, adults now have the chance to create their own plants that will never die. Check out the latest Lego kits below.More info and Photo courtesy: LEGO | Amazon | Facebook | Instagram

#1. The Botanical kits of Lego allows adults to play more creatively.

#2. The Bonsai Tree Lego kit

#3. A realistic Bonsai set of Legos.

#4. Unlike a real plant, Legos won’t die.

#5. Check out this Video on the Lego Bonsai Tree.

#6. The Flower Bouquet is customizable to your wish.

#7. These Flowers won’t wilt.

#8. Check this video on the Lego Flower Bouquet out.


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