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Look At These 50 Funny Yet Strange Comic Art Based On Life

Life can be pretty weird, strand, and funny at the same time. Art illustrates and imitates life in multiple ways. This is exactly what the award-winning, famous cartoon artist Dan Piraro does capture in his cartoons.

He has been featuring in more than 300 newspapers internationally. The reason for his success is his art is not poppy and all nice as most pop cartoons are supposed to be. He delivers humor by addressing the weird things that people do in the world. His controversy in his art has captured the attention of many people, making his art developing a huge fan base.

His cartoons go by the name “Bizarro”, the name relates to his art. These cartoons are mostly one-paneled ones, delivering the message, plot, and punchline in that single panel itself. This makes these sets of art differ from the rest. Piraro has won multiple awards for his art including Cartoonist of the Year, Genesis awards, and a bunch of other national-level awards because of his strange and artistic style of art.

This multi-talented artist has been involved in multiple movements, projects and has a huge follower base on social media who absolutely loves his work. But now he has stepped down from almost all those works and focused on art and his family’s life. He is reported to be living down in Mexico.

We have collected some of his weird but funny set of cartoons for you below. You can check them out and rank your choice to the top by upvoting. And also, do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments sections.

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