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Look At These Characters Who Are Born From Everyday Things

you don’t need a studio or a gallery to be an artist. Creativity can spark in anyone’s mind at any time if you have an awesome imagination. A lot of artists have let their imaginations run wild and caught up with it using their technical skills. And when creating art, you do not have to frame yourself in stagnant waters. Art is all about expressiveness and being free.

This artist and his art are a perfect example for you to understand that art is not strictly the conventional medium of art. Anything that is turned into something aesthetic is art. Meet Helga Stentzel a London-based Russian artist who is known for creating adorable characters by just arranging domestic things. It can be a basket, clothes on a clothesline, a garbage bin, and such regular things that are found in a house.

Household Surrealism” is her latest series that has a collection of the aforementioned characters. She creates the initial scene and then the design on her mind and does simple arrangements so that it looks cohesive from a specific point of view. She then photographs it and adds the picture to her series.

These type of artists are heavy thinkers that will twist and turn one simple object to create art out of it in their minds. Stentzel said to My Modern Met, that she might sometimes stare at things for a long time while creating art in her mind. And most of the time it bothers her family and friends with her since they will have to stick around at a place for a long time, not knowing what is going on in Stentzel’s head.

It is funny and magical to have such a creative mind and not being able to express it until the art is created. So, to understand this artist better, here are some pictures of art that this talented artist has created. All of these are created by ordinary things that you find in every household.

Scroll down to check them out and do not forget to comment with your thoughts!

More info & Photo courtesy: Helga Stentzel | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


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