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Look At These Magical Russian Fairy Tales Through A Camera

Some of the most striking, remembered, and preserved literature in any society are fairy tales. They are passed on for generations and they have a role in carving the mind of a child to prepare them for the world & society. Through a world of fantasy and magic, core values and morals are the greatest gifts that these tales offer to people.

Even though the entertainment industry and modern-day literature have heavily being influenced by western fairy tales, there are local fairy tales in almost every country. This article brings to you, a photographer; Margarita Kareva, who has recreated these fantastical tales as a photoshoot. Moving away from the west to her native country, Russia, she brought several characters to life through her camera lens.

With the usage of exemplary costumes, make-up, realistic props, locations, and also featuring animals when appropriate, she made this experience surrealistic as possible. These photos showcase a beautiful set of Russian locations that are very much like fairy tale settings, where elegant models brought out the magic into the photos.

Kareva is not a photographer who worked her way from a very young age, she was into reading. She read a lot of literature and her vivid imagination & her creativity made her a very quick learner into the world of photography. Everything else since then was her own way of expressing her creativity to the world through photography.

Her work has been amazing and these pictures are loved by a lot of people in the world with praises. So, we decided to list some of these photos of Kareva below. Scroll down to check out the fantasy world this photographer brings to life. Upvote your favorites to the top and share what you think about them in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Margarita Kareva | 500px | Instagram


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