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Macro Photos Shows Adorable Lives Of Snails

Nature is one magical system that balances and nourishes everything within its perimeter. It is so interesting and wonderful how things in nature, animals, and plant life coexists in perfect harmony. Even though we do not notice, even the smallest of things go about their lives in a very interesting manner.

This article brings you a collection of macro photos which were captured by Vyacheslav Mishchenko. He is an amazing photographer from Ukraine. This collection consists of macro photographs of snails and how they go about their daily life. Even though snails are not considered ‘cute’ animals in general, this set of pictures might change your mind.

This Ukrainian photographer has mastered the niche of macro photography as patience, a steady hand, and sound technical knowledge are of utmost importance to get a proper macro photo. But Mishchenko has captured some beautiful and very aesthetic sets of photos.

In this collection, you can see that a day in a snail’s life is as interesting as any other animal. You might even feel that these photos are coming from an “Alice in Wonderland” set. They are seen to glide on mushrooms and go on about the macro world of theirs even though they are miniature in detail to us humans.

The colors and the interaction of the whole photo collection have made it look so adorable. A lot of people absolutely love it at first sight. This set of pictures have been shared all around the world, so we thought of bringing you some of them. Scroll down to check out these cute pictures of snails going about their day. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Vyacheslav Mishchenko


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