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Magical Details Of Snowflakes On A Macro Scale That Makes Each One Unique

Nature never stops amazing us. It works its magic in ways that we cannot even imagine, many of Nature’s operations leave scientists baffled and later researched for years, just to understand. Snowflakes are one miniature part of Nature’s activities, but even in that very micro-element, there are vast differences and structural wonders embedded.

Let’s hover around the surface to witness how Snowflakes are built and their uniqueness. Alexey Kljatov is a Russian photographer who is a snowflake enthusiast. He is very interested in the structure of snowflakes. As most of you know, snowflakes are very miniature particles of frozen water that fall from the atmosphere and collectively, form snow. But, each of these snowflakes have their own structure and design in their build. It is very interesting since they have a very balanced geometrical shape in each of them.

Kljatov who is based around Moscow has set up his gear to capture these macro scaled elements. With the help of a very soft light to illuminate the structure of the snowflake, Kljatov captures single snowflakes as much as possible. He gets more and more interested in snowflakes with every picture he captures, since every snowflake has its unique structural design.

Have you ever photographed or studied about snowflakes and their unique set of designs? If so, please drop your comments and ideas to share them with us in the comments sections below. Scroll down to check out these very magical sets of photographs of Snowflakes, captured by Kljatov. Visit the link to check out more of his amazing photos and do not forget to upvote your favorite photos when you scroll through the list below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Alexey Kljatov


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