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Majestic Floral Drawings Done By Hand Using Color Pencils

You might have seen floral designs. But you might not have seen floral drawings of this size that are not painted or printed using conventional painting methods for art pieces this big.

Take another look, these floral drawings are carefully executed using colored pencils. This talented Australian artist CJ Hendry is the creator of this huge, pencil art which you might find hard to believe that it is all color-pencil. Using the trompe l’oeil drawing practice, she has completed a set of very colorful and realistic art that captures delicate flowers.

Even though you might not have seen color pencils being used in such intricate art, this collection of art has a very delicate and realistic form to it. When you observe it closely, you might find that she has paid a very good amount of attention to layers and highlight the texture of these flowers.

Her consistency is very impressive, given the rate that the color pencils take to cover such a huge piece of art while maintaining to present the properties of the subject matter. If you stare at these drawings for too long, you might want to touch a petal.

This artist is known for her amazing artwork on Instagram, where a lot of people follow her to receive photos of her art. Hendry has become a successful artist in cyberspace as well as in the real world. She is getting ready to participate in the Mile End exhibition, London as well. Follow the links for more details.

More info & Photo courtesy: CJ Hendry | Instagram


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