Making Celebrities Young With Articial Intelligence

There are all sorts of celebrities here in the world. Different sorts of people admire different types of celebrities. So, most of the time these people’s lives have become more interesting and public than their professions or the medium they became famous in.

Since most of their private lives and routines are now a public matter, there is almost nothing that these celebrities can do in private now. As more and more fans gather around their private lives. Private things are running out of stock. Fear not, if you cannot find things in real life, let’s create virtual facts about these celebrities that are not seen by many.

Every person was once a younger version of themselves, but we have met them only when they have grown up and were successful. Although we haven’t seen some of them in their younger days, now we can. Thanks to modern AI technologies, now we can do facial construction to a certain age, based on a person. Instagram user hidreley has used some AI technologies to create virtually young versions of celebrities in a way that you have never seen.

A lot of people online have gathered around his Instagram account to check out these amazing conceptual images that he has generated. He further added that even though these pictures are virtually generated by AI software, he used photoshop to make a few of the final touches on them. Now some of these celebrities have been celebrities from a younger and age some may have found out their younger pictures after they got famous in their older ages.

Somehow or the other, we have brought you some of the pictures that hidreley has generated. Scroll down to check them out and upvote the pictures that you like. We would certainly like to welcome your ideas in the comments section below.

More info & Photo courtesy: hidreley


Written by Alex Bradley

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