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Customers Share McDonald’s Burger Mistakes – 30 Photos

We all love food, even though we have different tastes and go-to options, there is one thing that no one can resist, Burgers. This delicious type of food is famous all over the world for its taste. Even though it is said to be invented in the 1880s, it started to become a worldwide sensation around the 2000s. And now, you cannot find any country in the world that has no burgers being sold.

When we discuss the sales of burgers, the big companies in the food production sector have established their franchise all over the world. These international extensions are operated under the same protocols and recipes. But every now and then, things tend to get a bit pickled up in the production. It can be carelessness, under-trained staff, busy hours with less staff, or any other reason. But those reasons are not valid to serve the customers a bad meal. From time to time, we see people share their complaints on the internet with pictures and videos for the world to see.

We came across an Instagram account which has a collection of these ‘Burger fails’ on their account McSenget. This is a Singapore-based account that uploaded experiences of a set of friends who received bad burgers often from a McDonald’s outlet. But soon, people who had the same issue started direct messaging them with pictures or started to tag them. This made the Instagram account become a popular McDonald’s burger fail page internationally.

So, since burgers are a very common element in the modern pop food culture, we thought of sharing some burger fails for you. Scroll down to check this list out and vote the most hilarious burger fail to the top. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments sections below as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: McSenget


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