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Meet This Artist Who Shares His Life With Disney Characters

Most of us have our own favorite set of characters from movies and other entertainment sources. And we, even as adults tend to dream about a life where our favorite characters would share our life as friends. That is completely normal and you might be very creative if your imagination is colorful. What if we tell you that there is such a man who shares his life with his favorite characters?

The name of this awesome man is Samuel MB. He very creatively shares his creative life with his favorite set of characters from Disney. He uses Photoshop to invite his friends over to any moment in his life. Doing a very good job at photo manipulation, this artist has created a popular place on the internet for his creations.

Samuel is a very interesting person, he teaches at a primary school, he is an actor and an artist as well. Everywhere in his professional life, he gets to express and absorb the energy of creativity. So he is full of excitement and energy throughout his day. 

He explains to Bored Panda that he has always been taken to magical places by Disney when he was young. So one reason he enjoys this work is that he gets to go back to his younger days while making these very loved characters a part of his daily life, whenever he wants. His students are some of his constant supporters. They always check out his work, express their comments and fill Samuel with happiness that means so much to an artist’s heart.

Once he strikes an idea, he captures himself in a photograph and surfs through the movies to find a proper frame to add to his photos. It can be a very straining job, but the love Samuel has in his work takes him away to the dreamland he always wants to be in.

We collected some of the photos of this talented artist who is very popular for his awesome creations online. Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about these photos that Samuel has created. You can also upvote your favorites to the top of this list to rank them.

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