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Mind-Blowing Transformations Of This 17 Year Old Girl

Everyone loves to do make-up and also dress up as their favorite celebrities. But only a small number of people can actually transform into the people that they wish to. This requires talent and also rare structural advantages in the face and the body that everyone does not have easily.

Meet Annelies van Overbeek who has been very successful in her transformations to celebrity women, especially Vintage characters from movies. Overbeek is only 17 years old and she is already famous for her transformation skills. Her extensive skill set and the talent to pose are backed up by her grandmother’s authentic accessories and clothing that fit just right with all these characters.

Many people will argue over the fact if these transformation artists are natural or if they use photoshop. But this young girl does not use any sort of editing techniques, she just poses in front of her iPhone (which is a 6s).

Her style and her talent are seen in every picture that she has posted on Instagram as characters. She understands the proper posing and expression that she needs to give out to bring the character out of herself rather than just dressing up as them.

Her pictures are loved all over the world on Instagram and we have collected some of them for you. Check out the list below by scrolling down and you can upvote your favorites to the top. Feel free to comment your thoughts about this article below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Annelies van Overbeek


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