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Cool Minimalist Metal Sculptures Of Animals By This Sculptor

Art creates a ripple or it wakes up people’s feelings and emotions. That is how artists express their thoughts and ideologies with society. It can be any form of art as long as it does the job of expression, the artist doesn’t always have to follow the crowd or do things according to a guideline. What matters is the artistry and the aesthetic value of the piece of art that they create.

This was impressively executed by a Seoul based Korean artist, Lee Sangsoo. His form of art is a bit different when you refer to it as ‘Sculpturing’, because he creates his artwork with metal bars. That is correct, metal bars. He twists, bends, and creates minimalistic sculptures that mimic animal anatomy and their basic behavior. He also makes sure to do a very minimalistic paint job to enhance the artwork, which does the job perfectly.

Sangsoo explained to My Modern Met that he chose this form of art since three-dimensional art is much more influential and expressional than two-dimensional art forms. It gives the idea that these artwork mimic organisms that are present in this world. But even if it is expressional and basically more than 2D art, this artist keeps his art at a minimalist scale. It gives the viewers’ creative mind to digest and enjoy the animal’s look in a simplistic way that the artist has exaggerated.

A lot of people who have come across his work have been left in awe because he creates such elegant and artistic artwork by doing minimalistic art. These pictures of his sculptures have been shared all over the world through social media and they get quite a lot of good feedback. You can check out more of his awesome work at  Kiaf SEOUL. Scroll down to check out what we have listed down for you. Let us know what you think in the comments sections below as well.

More info & Photo courtesy:  Kiaf SEOUL | Lee Sangsoo


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