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'Mister Global' Presents Male Beauty Across The Globe

When you consider things such as beauty contests and pageants, most of us usually think that those are reserved for females. But male beauty is also something that should be celebrated and presented with pride. Commenced in 2014, the Mister Global competition calls out for men to represent masculinity and also their own country’s traditions. A lot of countries submit their entries for this competition every year.

This beauty contest is also a charitable organization that will donate to environmental and wildlife conservation. There is a segment where the contestants should present themselves in traditional costumes of their own local traditions. This is a chance to give your country and traditional an international level exposure. Every contestant showed up with pride, they wore hand-crafted costumes, accessories, and jewelry. This was one of the most colorful and interesting segments of this competition.

The photographer; David Ryo, was present at this segment in the 2019 ‘Mister Global’ competition. There, he captured some of the most amazing portraits with the contestants. This set of pictures become very special since a large number of traditional costumes were at one place for this photographer to capture. With the lesser number of fashion and beauty contests for men to represent their countries, he most probably had to fly to all these countries to experience these authentic clothing. But luckily, this was captured all under one roof.

Since this shows a lot of cultural richness in the photos themselves, we thought of sharing some of Ryo’s portraits with you. You can follow the links for more. Scroll down to check out these photos and you can vote your favorites to the top of this list. Share what you think about these in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Mister Global | David Ryo


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