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Modern Architectural Hand In Hand In With Photography By This Couple

Photography goes along with creativity. It is the creativity and the technical ability of the photographer to incorporate his background and foreground to create a cohesive photograph. Photographer duo Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda have taken on a different type of setting in one of their photo projects.

They have used architectural structures to use it as an illusion in their photos. The duo has strategically selected their photo shooting set by using different sorts of architectural arrangements. The posing is done by fitting into the elements that are placed in the background. 

Even though this sounds a bit odd in explanation, once you see it. You will instantly see how this creative pair of artists have used their backgrounds to manipulate illusions in their photos. With the placing of the subject, the usage of props to fit in, and with all the correct angles, these creations of whimsical scenes are done with great precision and focus. Even though these pictures might seem to be simple, they have been done after failing a lot of times.

As soon as these pictures went online, a lot of people shared and discussed these amazing photos. This duo has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from all around the world. So, we have decided to bring you some of their pictures and list them below. Scroll down to check them out and upvote your favorite to the top. You may share your thoughts about them in the comments section as well.

Morre info & Photo courtesy:  Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda


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