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29 Photos Of Raw And Emotional Moments In Childbirth

Photography has so much power wielded to it since it literally can hold a moment in time in a photo even though our memories fade. This is the reason that it has turned into a such popular and very developed industry in the world regarding every possible aspect of life.

This article too brings something new to you, about a totally different genre in photography with a collection of photos captured by one of the leading Birth photographers; Renate Van Lith. This award-winning photographer has a rather interesting story on how she ended up being a ‘birth’ photographer out of all the possible genres in photography. Before turning into a photographer, she was a childcare inspector who stood for many delivering in the span of her professional time in the health care industry.

The career budget is something that every civil worker is awarded. That can be used for anything they wish, out of their industry and profession. That was the stepping stone for Renate, she used that budget to learn photography, and soon she fell in love with this astonishing form of art. She was deeply immersed in the world of photography to a level that she quit her job in the healthcare sector to become a full-time photographer.

She finally had to see the world through a lens with a different perspective than most people. She loved living in that moment where the photographer is lost in the moment with her camera. But her previous profession drew her towards discovering the beauty in childbirth. Quickly she caught up with the process of being in a labor room, capturing the raw moments in a very emotional story, through her camera. Her experience gives her the advantage of knowing the operation there while on the other end, she gets to witness these beautiful moments in life as her job.

To create more awareness about this genre she has now created “Birth & Beyond Photography Awards“. This will invite and nourish this genre of photography that captures the moments around one of the important events of human life. Scroll down to check out a collection of photos that were captured by Renate. Let us know your thoughts about this very beautiful moment in life.

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