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Mr.Bean's Face Edited Into Historical Art

Classic art is one of the very treasured and artistic pieces of art which are still being studied of their artistic and technical skills up to date. They have gifted the world with newer perspectives, forms of art, and visions of life in those specific ages.

But, when we consider the form of art, it can come in many forms and nature. This article is about such a different sort of art. Meet Rodney Pike who is a digital artist and an illustrator. He has created an amazing and hilarious set of art that is different from the mainstream illustrations or digital art you would expect.

He has edited a set of historical paintings (pictures of the paintings) with the face of the famous ‘Mr. Bean’ in them. Yes, it might sound weird, but that is what this artist pursued. He edited the faces of the pictures with the humorous character of Mr. Bean to change the perspective of the painting in the viewer’s eyes.

You can see the artistic talent of Pike as he skilfully morphs the two different pictures to create one picture. He has balanced the color, shading, and measurements to fit the face right into the painting as if it was originally created in that way.

He has carefully observed the style of painting and the application of the painting. With all those properties included, he edits the faces into the photo mimicking the style of the art that has been done in its respectful way. These humor-filled edits have been making people smile all over the world and have been shared as a different type of art on the internet.

We have collected some of those pictures for you below. Scroll down to check them out and rank your favorites out of the lot by upvoting. Comment your ideas in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Rodney Pike | deviantART


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