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Mr. Bean's Face Fits Perfectly In Almost Any Photo

Rowan Atkinson has been one of the iconic actors of our time. He is mostly known for his world-famous comedy character as Mr. Bean. The reason for this is that his series of mini-stories of Mr. Bean barely has any dialogue for Rowan Atkinson’s character.

His character expresses himself through actions and very visible facial expressions. Since he did not speak, he was easily understood and welcomed by people all over the world with ease. Just like how Charlie Chaplin played his roles as mute characters, Mr. Bean’s role nature was a bit similar but he took his performance in movies and mini-movies infusion with the pop genre of movies.

However, his face and his facial expressions become so iconic and recognized all over the world to a point that he was known as Mr. Bean more than his real name. And that led to this very funny and popular trend that made people edit his face into any type of photo that would look awesome.

Social media is a tool that a lot of people use to post a lot of themselves and it is also responsible for almost all sorts of trends in the world right now. So, with waves of these edited photos being uploaded to the internet, it quickly became a trend to edit the face of the famous Mr. Bean into any photo and have a completely hilarious, but cool photo at the end.

We have collected some of these edited pictures that were posted online and listed them down for you. Please scroll down to check them out below and make sure your upvote your favorites to the top. You can share what you think about these funny edits in the comments sections.


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