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Mysterious Sculptures Made In Deep Woods Of France Is A Sight To See

The woods and the forests are amazing places designed by Nature. All of its processes work in unison and co-exist in the most peaceful manner. Nature also presents quite a few wondrous elements every now and then.

Humans have been co-existing with Nature since the beginning of humanity. But presently it is known as a threat to Nature, rather than being a part of it. But there are people who still value nature and let it be in its very natural state. Artist Spencer Byles is one of those people. With the love for Nature, he went into the woods of Mougins, La Colle sur Loup, and Villeneuve-Loubet in France, to create very strange types of art. Finding all of his materials that are used in his artwork from the Nature itself, Byles spent a course of an year, occupied in this project. His final product of art was aesthetic made sculptures in the woods, all made by Natural materials.

The area is not marked or cleared. Byles’ work lies in the woods unmarked. If you stumble across them, you might think that this is a very bizarre formation of Nature or a creation of some mysterious entity. Fear not, this is a collection of a very talented artist. He believes that his artwork is only completed as he intends, when Nature starts to reclaim these structures by engulfing the materials with natural elements.

We have listed down a set of pictures of Byles’ work in these woods. Scroll down and take a look at these nature-based sculptures that are left deep in the woods in France. Feel free to comment down your thoughts in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Spencer Byles


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