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Oil Paintings Of Under Water Tranquility That Will Calm Your Soul

The tranquility of being underwater is a totally different experience of relaxing. The waves moving you in a pulsating current, the sun shining through the cold layer of water while you just float there in silence, and calmness is just amazing. It is one of the most relaxing moments a person can have.

This is the moment that this awesome artist from California, Isabel Emrich wants to present in her paintings. Using oil paint, she paints amazing art of women submerged in water. This is a very relaxing piece of art to look at. Her color play and the composition of all the layers and the expression of the faces are on point. Emrich is inspired by striking artists such as Van Gogh, who uses a very colorful and powerful set of colors that are painted to command the power out of the painting.

Unlike surrealism, these realistic paintings need a high level of accuracy to create human figures in a very life-like situation. She does not only draw very accurate human figures, but these figures resonate with the feeling of being at peace and enjoying the tranquility. She paints women in her art to push the elements of aesthetics of her paintings.

Emrich as a child has watched the sea with her grandmother and that is when she fell in love with water. Painting from her childhood, she has managed to express herself through the art of painting in a very successful manner. Therefore she makes sure to paint a perfect painting that has every single detail she feels when she is submerged under the water, from the water ripples reflecting on her skin to the fluid motion of the long hair which moves freely with the motion of the water.

We have collected a set of energy-bursting paintings of Emrich for you listed below. Her art has left so many people mesmerized by her social media accounts and her websites. You can visit them for more of her amazing art. Scroll down to check out the list below and upvote your favorites to the top. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Isabel Emrich | Instagram


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