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Outfits Matching To Museum Art By Chance Are Captured On Camera

Museums are very amazing places where you discover very interesting things of all ages. Art museums specifically have a great amount of value on their exhibits. Amazing vintage paintings and other art forms are some of the inspirations that modern artists are still amazed by.

It is soothing to visit an art museum and be engulfed by the concepts and the expression that each piece of art presents. This is a story about a photographer, Stefan Draschan who visits art museums for his love for art. But, that is not the only reason he spends his time in these museums. He is working on a series of photos which is titled; People Matching Artworks. In this series, he captures people at the museum.

The specialty of these pictures is that these people who are captured on Draschan’s camera wear clothing that artistically blends with the picture they are in front of. Maybe it is intentional maybe it is not, but this is purely artistic in the eyes of this photographer.

For a true art lover, these coincidences are also pure forms of art where they can be a symbolic presentation of engulfing in the art. Just as the paintings and the pieces of art express their emotions and messages with color and its forms, it is very interesting how these outfits merge with the art in the photo.

You can visit the website of this photographer to check out his complete series. The photos he posted became popular on social media platforms very soon. Art lovers and even the people who are not particularly art lovers loved these pictures since they are so aesthetically pleasing. So, we decided to gather some of these pictures and list them below for you. Scroll down to check them out and you can rank your favorites to the top by upvoting them. Please leave your ideas and thoughts about this amazing collection of photos in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Stefan Draschan | Tumblr | Instagram


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