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33 Splendid Paper Cut Art Inspired By Magical Fairy Tales

Art has different forms and approaches. If you are an art enthusiast you might probably know how wide and far the world of art runs. You will find new and interesting art forms, newer practices, and other unique aesthetic properties within every artist.

To present the artistry as well as the amazing aesthetic inspiration of another amazing artist, we present you Tanya Kyianytsia. She is a Ukrainian artist who travels the world while creating her art. She creates very interesting paper-cut art, creation amazing animals and things. She does not simply create art with no purpose. Her art always represents local folklores and fairy tales.

Tanya explains how she comes up with her designs on Bored Panda saying that she loves to mix up multiple elements in one piece of art as illusions. She sees this vivid fusion of multiple elements similar to how our dreams create stories and worlds using elements of our own imagination.

Traveling the world, the first thing she does when she arrives in a new country is to study and explore the local folk stories that will fuel this artist’s creativity. If you take a gander at her art, you will see that you are not looking at a simple figure, but an entire story that is embedded inside. If you are into folklores and analyzing art to obtain its inner meaning, Tanya is an awesome artist for you.

Cutting up paper to create intricate shapes and art, this artist uses light and shadows to present her artwork. We shared some of this amazing artist’s work for you, listed below. Head down to check them out and share what you think about this amazing artist in the comments sections below.

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