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This Artist Leaves Pebble Mosaics All Over Thailand

Art is not always painted on canvas. There are a lot of forms in art and aesthetic forms have very few rigid guidelines since it that does not support creativity. But if you really think about it, art can pop out of anything, anywhere, and anytime. you just have to use your imagination and develop the skill to make it happen.

Discussing different sorts of art, this article brings you a special artist who does a not-so-famous type of art. Meet Justin Bateman, a British artist who resides in Thailand. He creates a peculiar sort of art and leaves them around in all sorts of places in Thailand. The type of art this artist creates is Pebble Mosaic Portraits. As weird as it sounds it is a complicated task to finish as well. He uses pebbles of different colors and types to create a mosaic portrait by laying out really complicated and time-consuming compositions.

Just like how a regular mosaic painting or portrait is done, this also uses the shades of the natural pebbles to create the color and contrast differences. Just by using only pebbles, Justin manages to create tones, depth, and other amazing attributes to craft awesome portraits.

These portraits include recreations of famous paintings, politicians, and entertainers. But since they are made by arranging pebbles in all sorts of places in Thailand, they are a very temporary form of art that might be dismantled the next minute. The reason that Justin sticks with this style of temporary artwork while putting in a lot of effort and skill is because where he acquired the inspiration for his art form. He got his inspiration from Tibet where the monks create mandalas as a form of concentration and meditation to process that even the most complex and prettiest things are just temporary.

Even though these portraits don’t last long, the artistry and skill of this artist are very impressive. So, we decide to collect some of his awesome artwork and list them below. Scroll down to check them out. Let us know what you think about this article in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Justin Bateman | Facebook | Instagram


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