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People Get Famous Paintings As Fine Art Tattoos On Their Bodies By This Amazing Tattoo Artist

Art is a very broad and varied field. One of the earliest forms of art that were practiced is painting and drawing. Tattooing is a form of permanent body art that is done with creativity and a lot of precision. Even though it was considered a taboo culture a few decades back, now it is being accepted as an art form and a fashion element.

This artist Eva Karabudak who is a very talented artist binds the classical era paintings with her tattooing. He does fine art tattooing which embeds more detail in them than a regular tattoo. It also displays her talent as an artist more than a tattooer since she mimics world-famous paintings as fine art on human skin, with an insane amount of detail in a very small area.

The human skin is not rigid as a canvas and since the area for the art is relatively smaller than the original art, the color play should be very carefully done. She chooses art like the Scream and the Starry Night. People who are art enthusiasts or who like to get a very beautiful and elaborate design done visit Karabudak to get their piece done.

Her elaborate designs and technical application are very highly appreciated. A lot of people visit her to get their tattoos done while the others visit her social media accounts to keep track of the work that she uploads all the time. She has many followers and a lot of positive feedback on her work.

So, we thought of bringing you some of her amazing tattoo work and listing them below for you. Scroll down to check out some of the talented tattooing done by Karabudak and you can also upvote your favorite tattoo to the top of this list. Feel free to comment down your thoughts on this in the comments sections!

More info & Photo courtesy: Eva Karabudak


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