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People Hilariously Recreate Classic Art In Quarantine

With the COVID-19 pandemic stopping the world in its wake, it has put the entire world on lockdown. People were forced to stay in their homes to avoid the spread of this virus that has taken a huge death toll.

People were bored, jobless, and getting really annoyed by doing nothing. The usual recreation methods were getting boring as well. So this is a very popular trend in the world where people recreate classic art, specifically paintings by themselves at home.

And as for props and costumes, they have hilariously improvised. They used household items, clothes, duct tape, and many other random things to recreate a classic art that they have chosen. Some people have used their pets to stand in the pictures with them as well. This shows the levels of humor and creativeness people have unlicked during the days of lockdown.

Getty Museum initiated this trend and inviting people on the internet since museums were not used during the lockdowns. Soon, it went viral and many people all over the world started dropping in their funny recreations of classic art. Art enthusiasts on Reddit have started their own subreddit; Getty Museum Challenge where they post their recreations and share humor with each other.

So, we decided to get some of those pictures for you in this article. Scroll down to check them out and you can follow the link to the subreddit to see more. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below and rank your favorites to the top!

More info & Photo courtesy: Getty Museum Challenge


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