25+ People Share How Much They Get Paid By Their Jobs

The internet and social media platforms have brought people together beyond every border and differences there are in the real world. They socialize online and it has been very interesting about what you can do and talk with people about.

Among all the mainstream social media platforms, Reddit is one of the favorites with millions of users registered and actively using the service. People post, reply and share information on many and anything that is open for discussion. A lot of interesting topics have been brought up and discussed broadly. And we spotted an interesting discussion on a Reddit post that user u/BigPlunk posted. This post was to discuss the professions that people were working in, and also about the amount that they are getting paid for it. Surprisingly, many people were transparent about their payments and this created a very honest discussion about how good or not so good their professions treat them.

It also opens ups a space to discuss the modern professional arena and how much it supports or hinders the lives of people financially. As much as people discuss artistic things, things about their lifestyles, fashion, technology, and other things, talking about professions and salaries are important as well. You will get to know how people look at their jobs and how satisfied they are with the payment they get.

So, we thought of sharing some of the replies that the aforementioned Reddit post received below. You can share your thoughts with us in the comments sections as you scroll through this list.

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NYC roll off dumpster driver under a Teamster union contract. $40 an hour in January + medical and pension paid 100% by my employer. There’s guaranteed overtime too, so gross around $130k + the other perks. We also get a 100k severance payout the day we retire. I have a bachelors in business, but fell in love with being outside all day. I also sell scrap metal if I can collect it and I have a thriving eBay business from other things I find in the dumpsters. Made another 20-25k doing that on the side.


I’m a bum and get $120 a week donating plasma, but plot twist I have an interview at the plasma place tomorrow.

Update: I went to the interview, they called and asked to push it back to 3pm which was completely fine as they had gotten their truck in. The interview went well, and I answered the questions as best as I could. They said it would be full time Monday-Friday 1pm-9:30pm and every other weekend 6am-4:30pm starting at $13-14 an hour. I hope to hear back from them in the next few days, as they mentioned getting my ID, Social Security Card, and High School Diploma so they could make copies.


Damn. Reading some of these posts of people with really important jobs with very fancy degrees makes me feel drastically overpaid. I’m a dog walker/pet sitter/Gal Friday. $25-$50/hr. I average about 75k a year. Wear yoga pants and t-shirts to work every day, listen to my AirPods and do my Pimsleur while working, leave time in the middle of the day between my appointments for my violin/cello lessons each week, and am usually stoned most of the day. Love my job. No real benefits so paying for those myself eats into my profit margin, but the total lack of stress or any type of management for my line of work totally makes up for it. I honestly don’t feel like I work. It feels like I wake up and f**k around all day for really good money.


UPS package sorter at a warehouse, 22$ an hour plus time and a half pay for anything over 5 hour shift in a single day (so for example one shift is 5 hours if I work two shifts in a row the second one would be 33$ an hour)

Unlimited overtime too so if I really really wanted to I could triple shift everyday for an entire week (that would be like 15 hours straight everyday working though) and get a months worth of money in a single check


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