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People's Reactions Before & After Getting Kissed

People are amazing and they are diverse. This is an amazing experimental photo series that is collected by a talented New York Based photographer Johanna Siring. She loves how diverse people are and loves to meet new people all the time and if you are a person who loves new things all the time, this may put a smile on your face.

This photographer has collected her portrait photographs at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. This becomes interesting with what she captures of the people in her portraits. She captures a photograph of the specific person first and then gives them a kiss, and immediately, she captured the person’s reaction to her kiss. It is always a happy and adorable expression on everyone’s face, but each expression is different.

She has named her photo series as; “Kiss of a Stranger“. She spent two days at the festival gathering portraits for her series. The photographer loved how these people react, some would smile and feel happy, while some kissed her back. Somehow the photo ‘after’ giving the kiss to the person makes SIring feel that she knows the person much better than she did before. This is the difference she documents in the comparison pictures that are listed below.

Socializing and getting to know people better is a wonderful thing since everyone is different with their own story. And it is so amazing to meet and get to know a new person all the time. Many people loved her experimental project that turned out to be a very amazing photo series. These pictures have been shared across the world when Siring uploaded them

So, we decided to bring you some of these portraits. Scroll down to check out the list of these beautiful portraits. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us about this project.

More info & Photo courtesy: Johanna Siring | Instagram | Tumblr


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