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Perfectly Timed Street Photos Create Awesome Illusions

Photography is a very cool form of art where you create art from what is available in the world. But using all kinds of perspectives, light sources, composition, and so on a photographer creates an artistic photo. And even though photoshoots in the fashion world and in studios are the most common types of photo shoots that we find, there is one place where the skill and creativity of a photographer are truly tested.

If you want to develop your skill in adjusting your settings fast, to match the situation and your creativity to pick out an awesome shot, you should hit the streets. Street-photography is one of the most awesome niches in photography since you will never know what you will come across. Even if you do see something cool, it won’t be still, because everyone and thing is on the move on the street. So, you should be skilled enough to capture the shot before it dissolves into the crowd.

Pau Buscató is a photographer who loves to take his camera on the streets to capture some of the amazing things he spots with his eye. He loves to capture cool coincidences. The playful things that he spots on the streets such as funny coincidences are his cup of tea. These photos of Pau create a visual illusion that extends from the photo and becomes an awesome form of art on our minds.

So, we thought of sharing some amazing work of this artist below this article. If you visit his social media accounts or his official website, you can get to witness more of his awesome work. So scroll down to check out this set of photos and let us know what you think about them. You can also, upvote your favorite pick to the top of this list as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Pau Buscató | Flickr


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