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The Private & Public Personas Of Celebrities In 18 Pics

Celebrities are people who attract a lot of attention from the press, the paparazzi, and also from the general public where ever they go. Most of the time they are loved for what they are famous for rather than who they really are.

While the paparazzi and other secret ‘ninjas’ try to capture and document their private lives and the people who they really are, the celebrities would turn their backs on them. This constant evading of their personal space would make them grumpy or maybe even make them continue to live a different persona all the time. This was a problem that was stuck in the mind of photographer Andrew H. Walker. To tackle it, he came up with a creative idea that did not pressure the celebrities or put them in any sort of uncomfortable condition.

What he did was, he met around 50+ actors & celebrities at the Tronto Film Festival and got them into taking part in this project of his. These celebrities were given a table to sit at and a tape that marked the mid way of the table. He asked the celebrities to side on either side of the table and put on their moods; private & public personas. All of these celebrities that Andrew invited, took part in it, but there is a catch.

Andrew does not necessarily mention which side is designated to a specific persona. So, the celebrities can choose which side on the table that they would decide to put on their preferred mood. So these photos where the two pictures of the celebrities are morphed together do not mark which side is what. Therefore, you can take a look and decide what kind of differences do these celebrities give out and guess which photo is the correct persona you think.

We decided to share some of these amazing photos below this article. So, please scroll down to check them out and let us know your thoughts about these celebrities in the comments sections. You can also rank your favorite picks to the top by upvoting on the photos.

More info & Photo courtesy: Andrew H. Walker  | Twitter


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