Petrified National Park Of Arizona

National Parks are to conserve and protect the wildlife and eco systems in it. But the Petrified National park in Arizona holds a totally different things on the national park grounds. Found in 1940 by Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, this spans over an area of 346 square miles.

The specialty here is that it contains mountains of colored earth and petrified trees that are unbelievable. There are types of fossilized and petrified trees that are extinct as well. Check out the amazing, petrified park in Arizona.

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You must wonder how are these trees have turned into barks with crystal quarts in the middle with a range of beautiful colors. How is this scientifically possible? Well, this happened over a course of around 225 million years. The logs have gone through water, ash, extreme heat and the process broke down to wood allowing minerals and water to settle in during the next few million years until they finally got crystallized.



This hold many fossils from the past, extinct trees and also there are slabs of stones where drawings of pre-historic value are found. They are said to be around 2000 years old. Because of the desert like environment, a lot of people do not visit the petrified park as much as they visit other national parks.


Another interesting story about this park is that there is a rumor of a legend that says if someone steals any petrified substance out of the park, that person will be entitled for bad luck there on. If you visit the park you will find loads of returned petrified pieces that people smuggled out.

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