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Photo Editor Turns Real Animal Photos Into Minecraft Bodies (16 Photos)

Are you a Minecraft player? Even if you are not, this is a very interesting and fun story. Photo editor / re-toucher Aditya Aryanto presents a set of very interesting series of photos that he has edited called Minecraft in Real Life. For those who are not familiar with Minecraft; it is a virtual world where we can build things using cubes as the basic blocks. So, obviously everything created in the Minecraft world is cube shaped.

Using his photo manipulation skills on Photoshop, he has edited a set of animal photos that would resemble them, if they were found in the Minecraft world. Using the Photoshop tool called ‘Liquify’, Aryanto reshaped the bodies of these animals into cubic creatures which looked very funny and digitized.

This creative idea to apply video game effects and features into the real world aspects should really be initiated in the mind of an artist. But to pull it off, using proper skills and the technical application, you should have a sound knowledge of what you are doing. Aryanto has both of these qualities and it shows in this series of edited photos that are found on his website. You can visit his website for more information and to view other projects he has been working on.

Please scroll down to check these awesome sets of edited pictures to see how real-life animals would look like in the Minecraft world. You can also upvote your favorite cubic-animal to the top. Do not forget to share your thoughts and feedback on this collection of photos!

More info & Photo courtesy: Aditya Aryanto | Instagram


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