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This Photographer Presents Her Cancer Journey In Photos

Photos embody stories, feelings, emotions, memories, and much more. This is why a single photograph has so much power and a photo does speak easily more than a thousand words. And that is exactly what this collection of photos is about.

Meet this amazing person who is also a cool photographer, Renée Hibbert. She has made plans to create a different sort of photoshoot during the pandemic by creating a garden inside her house. This was created by her, to use as a background to her photo shoot titled “The Garden”. But circumstances changed when she was diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer.

This made her world stop and all her aspirations of her life began to go blank. Unchanged and stronger than ever at heart, she went on with her photoshoot, but with a different approach. She used this concept to portray her journey and her mindset in processing this change in her life.

As she wrote on Bored Panda, she likes to do her own prep work because the art of photography to Renée is not only using the camera to capture a photograph. The preparation of the setting, the sewing of costumes, makeup, setting up lighting, coming up with the concept, editing, and much more contributes to it. So she made sure that each section and stage of this photoshoot should be done accurately to let her emotions and expressions be clear in the final photo that she captures.

This work and these creations managed to take her away from the dark place she was dragged down to. Instead of being down, she used photography as a medium to meditate on the fact that her life has changed.

We collected a set of photos from her photoshoot to list it down for you. You can scroll down to check these amazing photos that this strong and beautiful woman captured. Let us know what you think about this set of photos in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Renée HibbertInstagram


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