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Photographer Captures ‘Faces’ In A Stunning Series

One of the most special things about any person or thing is their face. It is one of the most distinguished parts of oneself from which our appearance entirely revolves around. Some say that the face is the doorway to a person’s soul. It is fairly true since almost everything we express, feel and experience, we do it using the organs and attributes on our faces.

This is an amazing concept that has fascinated the experienced photographer Serge Anton. He has been traveling around the world with nothing but his camera and its gear. And now, he has decided to create something cool, bringing 30 years of his amazing journeys under one project. Focusing most of his travels into Africa and Aisa, this Belgian photographer has created his awesome photo book titled Faces.

This is a rather interesting project because Anton is not a photographer who is known for portrait photography. He is known for interior and architecture photography, but he has always had the familiarity of portrait-styled photography and this photo book proves it.

It can be further explained if you have a peek at his childhood, from his early days on, Anton always had a fascination with people’s faces. It is truly remarkable how a face is so universal but unique at the same time. So, even including shots from the ‘face’ of the Earth itself, this talented photographer has created Faces, This is available to be purchased if you are interested.

So, scroll down to check out the samples we listed down for you below. Let us know what you think about these photos in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Serge Anton.| Instagram


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