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Photographer captures people and their bedrooms to demonstrate their various ways of living.

Barbara Peacock travels the United States photographing people and their bedrooms to demonstrate their various ways of life.

The bedroom is most likely the most personal and intimate space in which one can be the most authentic version of oneself. It is a place to unwind from the outside world, where we begin and end the day. Maybe that’s why peeking into other people’s bedrooms is so intriguing. In some ways, it’s like getting to know their true personalities.

Photographer Barbara Peacock travels the United States, taking intimate and anthropological photographs of ordinary Americans in their bedrooms, because she is interested in and passionate about the “poetic resonance of ordinary subjects.” These images are part of a project called “American Bedroom,” which depicts the various living conditions and lifestyles that comprise the American experience. After viewing these candid photographs, we invite you to view Barbara’s older photographs, which we previously shared here.

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#15 Camille, 32, and Ashley, 31

"People think that dreams are only for the young," Camille says, "but my biggest dreams have only just begun to come true now, in my third decade." It's as if I've finally given myself permission to pursue everything with abandon, from what I imagine family to the sounds I want to share with the world. Every day, more of the world becomes available to me."


"If you had told me five years ago that I would be a touring musician, married to my amazing and beautiful wife, and living happily in Portland, I would have cried happy tears." Never give up the fight for your personal definition of happiness in this life. You won't know the treasures that await you until you're there experiencing them. With our combined abilities, we can accomplish anything."


#24 Katie, 27, and Janie, 25, are sisters.

"I'd take a bullet for this beautiful woman!" says Katie. I can't believe we used to be so antagonistic. It's never too late to be best friends with someone. "I adore her."

Louisiana's Lafayette


"Despite being raised by the same parents, our upbringings were vastly different, and she had it a lot harder," Janie says. I wish I could change things, but I've always admired her bravery and perseverance. I'd never trade her for anything in the world. She is my closest companion."



Written by Maria Silva

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