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This Photographer Captures The Beauty Within A Smile

The smile is the most beautiful and also one of the powerful things about a person. Everybody has a unique smile and it radiates their soul through it. No matter what commercial brands say, a person presents their beauty best when they smile. This simple act gives out many positive feelings and emotions such as happiness, acceptance, being grateful, thanking, and much more.

This is a concept that created a thought in the mind of an Australian photographer; Jay Weinstein. He travels all around the world with his camera to capture the best sights that his eye spots. During his journeys, he has come across many types of people from all over the world. He decided to implement his idea on the smile during his tours and it turned out to become one of his most loved photo collections.

He would choose random people on his way and ask them to smile. This random and quick flash of a smile tells the world everything about their soul. It is so beautiful and positive that anyone would be smiling when they go through this set of photos. The project ” So I Asked Them To Smile” was created in 2013 on this simple but yet powerful thought of the smile.

He still tours the world, in search of the wonders of this world and especially, the beautiful smiles of people of every corner of the world. He shares his amazing photos and experiences on his website and social media accounts for all of his followers and admirers to check out. So, we collected some of the photos that Jay captured on his camera for you. Scroll down and check out the beautiful smiles of these people. You can comment on your feelings and rank your favorite smile to the top!

More info & Photo courtesy: soiaskedthemtosmile | Instagram | Facebook


Written by Alex Bradley

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