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Photographer Captures The Beauty Of This Donkey Sanctuary

Life is a beautiful journey, not only for humans. Animals of all kinds and everything that poses life within them and everyone has a right to enjoy their life. This is the main purpose that drives the ‘Il Rifugio degli Asinelli’, this is an Italian Donkey and Mule sanctuary where they take care of these beautiful creatures. Even though people hear about a lot of dog and cat shelters, there are a lot of animals that need to be protected and taken care of.

Meet Rachele Totaro who works at the Sala Biellese sanctuary in Italy. This sanctuary among many others runs on a charity that was set up in 1969 in England. Rachele grabs her camera and captures amazing photos of these pretty animals who are her ‘models’, whenever she is free. As much as she has a golden heart to help these animals recover and be saved, she also has an eye to spot the amazing aesthetic scenes with these animals.

The ground of this safe haven is grazed by 135 of these amazing souls who have fought life in very tough ways. This sanctuary lets them recover physically and also lets them heal their soul, to become a freely living animals once again.

Rachele contributes in her labor, heart, and also in her photography abilities to make the lives of these animals better. These photos have been making a lot of impact all around the world as it helps the charity to grow and protect these creatures. Not to mention, these donkeys and mules are nothing but charming models who are photogenic in the eye of Rachele’s camera.

We have listed some of her beautiful photos below. Visit the social media accounts and the website using the links below for more details. Scroll down to view these amazing animals and share your thoughts with us in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Rachele Totaro | | Instagram


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