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Photographer Does A Self Portrait Shoot Symbolizing Self Growth

This is a story about an artist and her self encouraged journey to find peace. The modern lifestyle of a general human is quite stressful. Trapped in a daily routine which will only cause more stress as we go on. Self growth and Mental health is something that should be given prominence, but not being discussed enough.

Meet Fares Micue, a photographer who self portrayed her self in a photoshoot that symbolizes her mental health and the self growth associating it. She used one of her hobbies that she developed to practice mental health, as the medium to represent her growth in her shoot. This was Origami and flowers. These gave her the peace and tranquility that she needed in life. So, she used them as her props to convey her message.

This became quite an eye catching collection of self portrait photos among the online community. She was also featured in a podcast where she talks about her photoshoot, mental health and self growth, we have the podcast here. Please scroll down to see some of the photos that she have on her photo collection of her self portrait photoshoot. Follow the links to check out more of Micue’s work and do not forget to comment your ideas down in the comments sections below!

More info and Photo courtesy: Fares Micue| Instagram | Facebook

Via: MyModernNet


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