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Photographer Of 17 Captures The Life In New York In The 1940s

Photography is such a powerful and important part of world history. It gave us the opportunity to record and document the world as photos for the very first time. Today it is very common for people to photograph things casually. But it was not the case when the very first set of cameras were commercially released. Cameras were a luxury item and were not very common. So, there are not many photos when you try to reach out to the early days of the camera.

This article is about a collection of photos from the times of 1940s. The special reason for this collection is that the photos were captured by a 17-year-old in New York. The pictures he has taken explain graphically the lifestyles on the New York streets at that time. This young man is none other than Stanley Kubrick who also directed movies such as ‘The shinning’ and the ‘2001: The Space Odyssey’. His love for seeing the world through the lens was embedded in him since he was a child.

He explains that photography for him is purely random. People going on with their work and what they are doing, while the photographer captures the scene with his creativity, perspective, and skill. He shows that in his collection of random pictures of the New York lifestyle which turns out to be a very interesting set of pictures that offers us a peek at the 1940s New york.

Especially since the subjects of these pictures did not pose or since they were not professional models, it made it much easier to capture the ‘real’ emotions of them and that specific event in the film. These are very valuable pieces of history in the history of mankind.

We collected some of his photos for you below. Please scroll down to check them out and you can click on the links to see more. While you go through the list, let us know what you think of them in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Stanley Kubrick


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