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Photographer Reunites His Photo Subjects After 40 Years

Photographers do a lot of photoshoots. If you are a photographer you would definitely know that there are different genres and styles in photography. Street and casual photography focuses on more than one subject in the photoshoot. Most of the time it might be random people in the society.

You may have seen a lot of photos taken by photographers of such types. But after the shoot is done, you might never come across those people ever again. This article is about an amazing photographer who pursued his subjects in photos that he took 40 years ago. His name is Chris Porsz and he has tracked his subjects to create a photobook called ‘Reunions’. Current publications of the photobook are sold out.

The reason that this odd photobook became this famous is that 40 years is a lot of time. Porsz made sure to get in contact with the exact people to recreate the picture he took of them 40 years ago. This a very satisfying project to witness, not only the photographer, the subjects of the respective photo too enjoy reliving that moment that they had decades ago.

The Photobook ‘Reunions’ has been compiled by Chris Porsz alongside the writer Jo Riley. Together they created the comparison pictures and also the stories included. This book becomes very interesting since it carries memories and stories with the modern day catching-up as well.

Since the photobook is sold out, we have collected some of the photos out of the photobook for you and listed them below. You can scroll down to check them out and upvote your favorite photos to the top. Also, do not forget to share your thoughts on this collection in the comments sections below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Chris Porsz | Facebook


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