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Photographer Reveals Immediate Family Members Who Look Alike (11 Photos)

Families and the genetics that are being passed on from one generation to another is quite remarkable. That is why we all look a bit like our parents and your earlier relatives.

The talented photographer, Bobby Neel Adams is the creator of the project Family Tree, which is the series that the photos below feature in. You may think that this photographer seems familiar, or even this project by pictures. You are right, Adams has also done the series Age maps that we have written about. 

As you already know, or if you are new, Adams is a very talented photographer. But his creativity and his strong skills in handling the photoshop software has assisted him to create these very complex but creative pictures.

The visual proof for the shared genetics are presented in this series. Collecting a portrait image of two close members of the immediate family, Adams crafts a single image, embedding both the photographs he took and morphs them into one. His creativity captures the photographs in the correct angles while his skill in photo editing creates one successful picture. The specialty of this edit is that even though there are two pictures morphed, you may see it as one single person due to the resemblance of the two people.

This series, as well as his other series have been popular among the social platforms. They are being viewed and shared by people all over the world. We collected some of these creatively made edits and listed them down for you. Scroll down to check them out. Share your thoughts about these series with us in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Bobby Neel Adams | Family Tree


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