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Photographer Uses Film To Create These Magical Eerie Worlds That Will Amaze You (87 Photos)

Creativity and Photography is a coexisting bond that we find in the world of art. A person doesn’t become a photographer by learning or practicing camera operating skills. He becomes a photographer when he uses the technical skills to the target made by his creativity.

Photographer Titus Poplawski understands how to get his approach to score the goals set up by his creativity and imagination. In an age where there are so many technological developments in the photography industry as well as editing, Poplawski uses an analog camera which captures its images in a film. He has no AI powered systems or features to guide him, he completely has to rely on his manual skills in camera handling.

Handling the lights, resolution and everything a photographer should consider is done by him to create his famous collections of photos by creating the scene into a very fairy and eerie setting when he does a photoshoot.

He had said to Bored Panda that he enjoys working with manual cameras since then he has to manually adjust the setting and it is more ‘hands on’ than the newer cameras that come with auto, almost anything.

He likes to practice the art of photography such as any other classical art form is. The artist should be inspired and that inspiration should spark the creativity to form an idea where the technical skills assist in following them successfully.

His work on these wonderland-like photos have been viewed and shared by a lot of people all around the world. So, we have decided to list down a set of pictures of Poplawski. You can upvote your favorite photos to the top while scrolling through the list. You can follow the links to his social media accounts or his website for more information. Comment down your thoughts to share them with us.

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