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Photographer Visits Vilnius In Winter & Captured These Pics

Traveling has been banned for a quiet while in the recent past with the COVID-19 global pandemic. But now, since the borders have reopened and traveling is possible again, we all have the chance to travel across the world to marvel at its beauty.

There is also another special event just around the corner, Christmas! One of the most fabulously celebrated events in the world. The weather will set in an amazing coat of snow and the cities will get decorated with the Christmas spirit sparkling everywhere. And this is what photographer Patryk Biegański from Poland wanted to experience in a different country. So, he flew to one of the most astounding cities in Europe to visit in the Christmas season; Vilnius, the Capital city of Lithuania.

Even though Patryk has visited this city during the summer, he saw Vilnius dressed for Christmas for the first time and it truly is breathtaking. If you did not know this yet, this city is one of the best travel destinations for the season. And as to why, this Polish photographer captures a set of amazing photos that he posted on Bored Panda.

The decorations, the architecture, and the less rush than many popular Capitals in the world make this city a place to stay. You will be able to absorb all the Christmas spirit in just by walking the streets of this pretty city.

So, we thought of listing down Patryk’s photos for you, below this article. Why don’t you take a tour through this list and check out this amazing city for yourself? Let us know what you think about these photos and upvote your favorites to the top of this list.

More info & Photo courtesy: Patryk Biegański | Instagram | Facebook


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