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World’s Top Photographers Partake On A Quest To Save Nature

As the world continues to get destroyed by modern human activity, there are different beacons of hope that are led by wholesome people. Among all the movements that are organized to raise awareness about saving the planet and its creatures, this article discusses a particular project that captures international attention.

This is a non-profit project named; Vital Impacts and it is done by a set of top-notch photographers in the world.  Award-winning National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale created this project with the help of journalist Eileen Mignoni and a lot of big names in the industry joined in its cause.  The photographers put up their ‘Nature’ photos for sale to create awareness and also to donate 60% of the revenue into the non-profit, to use it for a cause to save Nature and its animals.

As everyone knows, the world is changing drastically. This change is made by humans and its acceleration is at an alarming rate. Even if most people don’t know this fact, around a million plant and animal lives are at risk is immediate extinction. This is one of the greatest extinction ever recorded in the history of this planet and it is in the process of making its way there.

As photography is a universal form of art, these top-level artists have rallied up to spread awareness and donate to a cause that will affect the entire world. Because the harm that the human population brings up against nature is real and extinction this serious will cause drastic changes to the ecosystem.

These photos and purchases range from low to high in price so that these sales are affordable to anyone. Have a look at the website following the links mentioned below. We have also shared some of the photos that are used in this project below. Scroll down to check them out and share your thoughts on this issue with us in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Vital Impacts


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